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Chandigarh is one of the seven union territories of India serving the capital of two states, Punjab and Haryana. The name Chandigarh is derived from an ancient temple called ChandiMandir, devoted to goddess Chandi in thecity. Chandigarh was the first planned city in India designed by French architect know as Le Corbusier. The city is located near the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas in northwest India. It covers an area of approximately 114 square kilometers and also shares its boundaries with the states of Haryana in the east and Punjab in the north, west and south. The surrounding districts consist of Mohali, Patiala,Roopnagar in Punjab and Panchkula, Ambala in Haryana. It is also closely located to the boundary of thestate of Himachal Pradesh.

The city tops the list of Indian States and Union Territories by per capita income followed by Haryana and Delhi respectively in the country.

Chandigarh city boasts of wide and well-planned roads and good infrastructure facilities. The city has been well divided into sectors, with each sector self-sufficient in terms of market place, parks etc. The city is very strict with regards to real estate regulations. Chandigarh lacks any high rises as the airport is within the city and it isalso near the defence zone. The maximum rise that is allowed is Ground Floor + 2 Floors.Commercial spaces in the city follow a common format of SCO (Shop-cum-Office) complexes. Whileall sectors are self-sufficient, sector 17 (city centre) and sector 34 (emerging as a sub city centre)are key commercial/ retail destinations. Sector 22 is an important wholesalers market. However,sectors 8, 9, 26 and 35 also serve as important retail locations. Sector 9 is considered to be the mainbanking and financial services hub. The city also has an industrial area.Metro rail connectivity is being planned in the city and its suburbs.

A tendency amongst buyers, with Chandigarh origins, is that they prefer to invest in plots rather thanflats. This provides them the flexibility to construct houses according to their respective needs.Flats are coming up predominantly in areas adjacent to the IT industries in Mohali, Greater Mohaliand Zirakpur, to tap the growing demand from professionals flowing in from cities outside Chandigarh.